Sledding and Tubing

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It goes without saying that in winter sledging or snow tubing are just two of the most fun activities which you can do for free or at a really low cost, another great thing is that they can both be carried out by people of any age from toddlers to eighty year olds. Provided that it is possible to walk then you can go sledging or tube.

Modern sledges can be found in a very wide assortment of styles from little disc models which are extremely easy to use and very cheap to purchase, which just seat one individual, through to larger more complicated two seater models that may even be steered using built in skis.

Lots of contemporary plastic sledges can now easily be steered and ceased using brakes that are built into the side of those. To turn left only pull on the left hand brake lever, to turn simply pull the right hand brake lever, or to prevent only pull both levers together.

Whilst a plastic sledge may fly over compacted snow, it might be that you wind up being shaken about on it, which won’t easily absorb tough bumps and ice which are frequently found on compacted snow.

Snow tubes as the name implies are similar to giant sized inflatable inner tubes it to use you simply set down your bottom into. Then raise your legs up and that’s it, off you go slipping downhill.

The soft cushioning of these also means they are relatively safe to use and they’re ultra-convenient as they’re extremely lightweight making them simple to carry back uphill. They’re also extremely easy to keep at the back of your automobile – handy for your next sledging trip.

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