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A cartwheel is most likely the most basic tumbling skill in gymnastics. If you don’t know anything about tumbling, this is where you should start. Cartwheels are also quite fun to do. To perform a cartwheel you want to first select your lead foot. This is normally the foot that feels comfortable to place before you at the beginning of a race. Many people have one foot which obviously feels bettering starting with; this is most likely also your stronger leg. You will quickly begin to see which foot you’re most comfortable beginning with. (For many people, their lead foot is contrary their dominant hand.
Place your lead foot in front of you and raise your arms above your head. Place your weight on your back foot and point your feet in your lead foot. Rock back on your spine; then lunge forward into your front foot.
Keeping your body in line with your spine, move your arms toward the floor and twist your body so you are looking sideways. Your hands will strike the floor at slightly different times. The very first hand you should put on the floor is the one nearest to your lead foot, or the foot that’s furthest forward.
With your palms on the floor, arms fully extended, use your lead leg to push off the ground and propel your body upwards. Your legs will be spread like a V in the atmosphere, and your body needs to be vertical to the ground.
The conclusion of the cartwheel should be a mirror image of the start. What was your back foot will land on the floor, and your lead foot will land . You ought to be looking the opposite direction you’re searching when you began, and your arms should be raised in the atmosphere.
Your body should travel in a direct line. It might help to draw a line on the floor with a piece of chalk. Begin with your lead foot on one side of this line along with your other foot on the opposite side. You should end with one foot on either side of the middle line. This will enable your cartwheel seem more graceful and will be important in assisting you to do future research abilities. Video tape your cartwheels so that you can see where you will need to improve. Maintain control of your body through the cartwheel. It won’t be easy to add extra tumbling skills later in the event that you end your basic tumbling skills off balance.

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